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I am a true believer that there is an artist inside of every person. People balk when I say this because in their mind they imagine they should create a masterpiece along the lines of someone like Picasso, Michelangelo, or some other great painter. For me, it is not about the end result but the process one takes in letting their inner artiste come out to play.

Personally I love many forms of creativity such as photography, writing, music, and art. I do not do it for fame or money, but just for the joy it brings me. Up until about a year ago I was actively creating in each area but then I let the every day stresses of life get in the way. I was able to take two weeks off of work and while I am on break from school, so I relaxed and finally reconnected with those things that bring me happiness.


I dusted off my camera, pulled out my art supplies, and pulled up my blog once more. With the inspiration from a coloring book, I finally embraced creating once more. I also made myself a promise that even when I go back to work and back to school, I will set aside time to enjoy my passions. I wrote a promise to myself that I would take at least one weekend a month to go take photos, another weekend to draw, and once a week  to write.

Those of you that followed my blog know that I disappeared for a year. I have now reinvented my creative writing blog, Inked Peacock Tales, and moved some of my favorite pieces over from the old one. I also started this one to just put down my random thoughts and documenting my journey in life. I made some wonderful friends with my writing and happy to see they are finding their way back over to my new blogs.

I hope that those reading this will be inspired to try something creative. Pick up your phone and take photos that make you smile or try something nostalgic and discover coloring books for adults. Whatever it is, let your artist come out. We are so often wrapped up in the stresses of life and worried about what may happen or something inn the past. Give yourself some time to just be in the moment and do something just for you.

I will leave you with a video I discovered right before Christmas that I think really shows that we should continually look for magic in our daily lives.










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